Happy Camping

2018-07-30 17:44:04

This weekend we went to a nudist campground. Most nudist campgrounds are very strict when it comes to camera phones. We managed to have a little fun in front of the camera but we had a really steamy moment off camera.

We were invited to visit a camper that hosts a happy hour out of their camper every evening. We arrived and couldn’t believe how crowded it was! Naked bodies everywhere.

We stood in line and got our drinks. We stepped out of the camper and were surrounded by sexy bodies. We were chatting with a couple people when this tall, older (late 40’s) stud was dumb founded by Mrs. Peacock’s large breasts and sexy smile.

When men see her tits they get a hungry look in their eye mixed with disbelief. He introduced himself and immediately stood well within our personal bubble. He was very forward but it was erotic because he was confident but polite.

Mr. Peacock encouraged him to get closer and positioned himself to the side, but behind Mrs. Peacock as we chatting for a few moments. He asked some questions about us. Where we are from etc. etc. The subject of porn didn’t come up.

Things became even more flirtatious when he asked to see and touch Mrs. Peacock’s huge tits that were teasing him in her micro bikini. I of course said yes because he had a nice thin frame and I could tell from his flaccid cock, it had potential to be nice and worthy of my wife’s pussy.

He started fondling her breasts, then he kissed them. Then I told Mrs. Peacock to hold on to his cock while he touched her breasts. I grabbed her arm and urged her had toward his cock that was beginning to fill with blood. She didn’t resist.

I moved behind her and pushed her toward him, both our hard cocks pushed up against her. She kissed him and stroked his cock right in the middle of a GIANT crowd.

Unfortunately we had to all take a breath and stop because of the public sex policy of the camp ground. Plus he didn’t want to make his wife mad. Mrs. and I immediately went back to our tent and fucked her so deep (video cumming soon).

Later that night we decided to find him and we asked around and did finally find his camper! We got to meet him and his wife, but we didn’t play. They were really nice though and we hope to meet them again. She’s a tall busty black girl…very sexy!

It was so erotic seeing Mrs. Peacock making out with a complete stranger in a crowd of naked people. We ignored all of them and his big beautiful cock desired her so badly. Hopefully one day he will fulfill his desire of putting his huge cock inside Mrs. P as they kiss and as she orgasms on his large cock. I hope he cums inside her because he loses control from feeling her large sweaty oily tits up against him and her squirt dripping off his balls. I kept fantasizing about this sexy moment all weekend as we had our one on one fun. Glad we were able to track him down!